The Weeli Wolli Creek Co-Management Board (the Board) consists of Traditional Owners from the Nyiyaparli language group, the Banjima language group and Hamersley HMS Pty Ltd as manager of the Hope Downs Joint Venture (HDMS).

Weeli Wolli Co-Management, Board Members: Traditional Owners

  • lindaparker
    Linda Parker

    Chair of Weeli Wolli Creek Co-Management Board. My name is Linda Parker. I am a Banyjima woman, my father was a Banyjima man and my mother was a Nyiyaparli woman. I am really proud of who I am today. I was born in Exmouth, and have spent most of my life in the bush with…

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  • samsamarawa
    Sam Samaraweera

    Vice Chair of Weeli Wolli Creek Co-Management Board My name is Sunil Samaraweera and world over, I am known as Sam. I was born in Sri Lanka and educated at the Universities of Sri Lanka (Bachelor) and Bristol (Masters and Doctorate) in the UK. I am an Environmental Scientist with nearly forty years of experience….

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  • gordonyuline
    Gordon Yuline

    My name is Gordon Yuline and I am a Nyiyaparli elder born in 1939. I live in South Hedland now but I was born in the bush near Marble Bar. Back in those days everyone was born in the bush. I have lived and worked in many parts of the Pilbara in my life, always…

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  • guyparker
    Guy Parker

    My name is Guy Parker and I was born in Roebourne in 1959. I’m the youngest of six. My mother had two girls and four boys. My father was a Fortescue Banyjima man and my mother was a Ngarluma woman. My dad was a station hand on many stations including stations in the Wittenoom districts…

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  • bonnytucker
    Bonny Tucker

    My name is Bonny Tucker. My skin group is Karrimarra, my mum was Milangka and my father was Panaka. I follow my mother’s side. It’s about land; you can’t throw your mother away because she is the one that gives you the land. Your mother is waiting for you before you come out, and Weeli…

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  • suzanneparker
    Suzanne Parker

    My name is Suzanne Parker and I was born in Port Hedland. My father was a Banyjima man. My mother was a Nyiyaparli woman. I’ve been a Board Member since the beginning. I enjoy being a Board Member because you become well informed about country and also when you go on the Living Water Surveys…

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  • briantucker
    Brian Tucker

    My name is Brian Tucker. I was born in Bamboo Springs. I was born in the bush and then my mum took me to Port Hedland to the hospital. I am the Eldest from my mother’s side. There are six of us, four boys and two girls. I grew up all over the place in…

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  • archietucker
    Archie Tucker

    My name is Archie Tucker and I have recently joined the Board in honour of my late brother, the former Board chairman. I am the youngest of three brothers and I have two sons of my own who both work in the mining industry. I was schooled at the Nullagine Riverdale Mission before going to…

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  • victor
    Victor Parker

    My name is Victor Parker. I was born in Wittenoom. I’m the sixth child of fourteen. I grew up in the Ashburton District in Onslow because the old people had to go and look for work. There wasn’t much work in Wittenoom then. My mother was a Nyiyaparli woman and my father a Banyjima man….

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  • rodneyparker copy
    Rodney (Ali) Parker

    My name is Rodney Parker but people know me as ‘Ali’. I was born in Onslow. My Dad was a Bunjima elder and my Mum was an Innawonga elder. I have five brothers and four sisters. I have two daughters, Gemma and Lara, and my partner Kathy is a Wongatha lady from the Goldfields region….

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  • Jim-Cooper-Weeli-Wolli-Creek2
    Jim Cooper

    My name is Jim Cooper. I was born in New Zealand and I have been living in Australia for 30 years mostly in the Pilbara region. I am married with 3 children 2 of which were born in Port Hedland. I have worked for the West Australian salt industry for the past 25years. I joined…

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  • Steve Rusbridge

    My name is Steve Rusbridge.  I was born in New Zealand, though my family moved to Port Hedland when I was seven years old. I did my entire schooling in Port Hedland – first at Cooke Point Primary and then at Hedland Senior High School, so I consider myself a Pilbara man.  I have a…

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  • Graham-Dewar-Board-members-template
    Graham Dewar

    My name is Graham Dewar and I was born in West Australia. I began my working life as a school teacher and have spent many years in locations across northern Australia, primarily the Kimberley Region in WA, across the Top End, Kakadu and NE Arnhemland areas in the Northern Territory, and throughout Central Australia. I…

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